db PrivatMandat Comfort -

Wachstum (U)

Fund Investment Objectives

The objective of the db PrivatMandat Comfort - Wachstum (U) fund is to seek appreciation of capital in the event that prices primarily on international equity markets rise. The Fund will invest primarily in equities and in shares of equity funds. Not less than 20% of the Fund's net assets are invested in fixed-rate and floating-rate securities, money market funds, near-money market funds, bond funds, mixed funds (provided they invest not more than 30% in equities), regulated open-ended real estate funds, deposits, money market instruments, convertible bonds, warrant-linked bonds and dividend-right certificates, certificates on investments whose underlying instruments are bonds, such as bond market indices and bond baskets, as well as asset-backed securities, including mortgage-backed securities. The management fee includes a performance related fee of 25% of the amount by which the performance of the Fund exceeds the return of 20% JP Morgan EMU Bond Index 1-10 Years (total return index), 33% Dow Jones EURO STOXX 50 equity index (price index), 18% Standard & Poor's 500 equity index (price in dex), 9% MSCI Asia equity index (price index) and 20% money market investment as measured by the 1M EURIBOR. A performance-based fee may be payable even if the Fund's performance is negative, as long as the Fund outperforms the benchmark.