(Toutatis Fund)

Fund Investment Objectives

DH TOUTATIS FUND is a multi-strategy fund seeking absolute return through an active allocation to a diversified selected group of hedge fund managers, each one with his trading approach and his strategy. DH Toutatis Fund seeks capital appreciation with an emphasis on absolute return, while targeting reduced sensitivity to the broader market. DH Toutatis Fund philosophy's to maximize diversification: manager, strategies and markets; currently the fund portfolio is composed by more than 36 futures markets. DH Toutatis Fund has a dynamic allocation by manager's selection linked by the different trading strategies. It depends on the ability of each strategy to perform in changing market situations. Targets up are 15% annualized volatility and a 30% return on annual base in order to maximize the Sharpe ratio approach and to ensure a low correlation with traditional classes of investment. Currently, the fund capacity is estimated between ? 100 and ? 150 million. The ongoing research and the further development of worldwide markets will most likely lead to capacity increase over the medium-term..