Diamond Age Russia Fund


Fund Investment Objectives

The Diamond Age Russia Fund Ltd is a global, long/short hedge fund engineered to produce absolute market out performance vs. MSCI Emerging Markets Europe at approximately 50% lower standard deviation (volatility). The Fund is a leveraged, hedged, multi-asset class portfolio comprised of publicly traded securities domiciled anywhere in the world including debt, equity, currencies, and derivatives; tied to economic expansion of Russia and the integration of capital markets of the former Soviet Union. The manager employs broad geographic dispersion (35 countries, 26 primary exchanges, 25 currencies) and significant portfolio diversification (28 sectors) specifically designed to a) mitigate risk and b) enhance advantageous participation in all sectors and all industries in our theatre of operations not limited to the extractive commodity industries which constitute the overwhelming bulk of the market capitalization on local exchanges such as the RTS, PFTS and KASE. From the Bering to the Baltic, the Barents to the Caspian, the expanse of our markets hold promise of both measurable risk and commensurate reward. Hurdle Rate is 3 month USD LIBOR + 0.5%.