Diva Synergy


Fund Investment Objectives

The Investment objective of the Diva Synergy UCITS Fund is long-term capital appreciation. The underlying investment objective of the Fund is to achieve regular capital appreciation of 15% p.a. with limited volatility. The Fund is designed to provide consistent returns in either bear or bull markets with a continuous aversion to risk and a strict money management discipline in order to preserve capital and realized profits. There can be no assurance that the fund objective will be achieved. Our approach to building our portfolio is to spread our investment over two strategies: event-driven and merger arbitrage. We do not use leverage and adjust our beta exposure to null. We deploy 30 to 80% of assets to the traditional merger arbitrage strategy and 20 to 70% to hard catalyst pre event strategies. We invest only in Europe and North America. Minimum Investment is in EUR. Daily liquidity - shares can be acquired and redeemed on a daily basis with no fees. AUM reflects the aggregate of the various share classes and is reported in USD.