Duemme SICAV Euro

Investments Plus

Fund Investment Objectives

The fund's investment objective is to generate attractive returns above Libor. In the current market conditions, the Fund targets a net annual return of 3 months Euribor+1.5%. The Fund is a European regulated UCITS III Credit Fund with daily liquidity. The Fund focuses on exploiting opportunities in the global investment grade credit markets, while putting a strong emphasis on liquidity and capital preservation. The investment process combines a top-down macro approach and a bottom-up selection of single investment ideas. The Fund aims to provide a vehicle that permits investors to benefit from consistent returns derived from exposure to Investment Grade corporate bonds. The Fund has a well diversified portfolio across different issuers, sectors and maturities by both investing secondary markets and actively participating to new issues. The Fund is characterized by a long-credit and interest rate bias. However, in order to maintain a level of risk consistent with preserving capital, the investment manager may from time to time reduce the Fund's overall sensitivity to credit and interest rate markets. Actual inception date of fund in January 15, 2010.