eco Capital Management LLC

(Global Opportunities)

Fund Investment Objectives

Global Opportunities (GO) is a systematic multi-model futures program capturing directional price movements that tend to accompany volatility expansion. The models seek to: anticipate periods of short-term volatility expansion, establish a directional bias to be realized during the volatility expansion and enter the market at an early stage of the volatility expansion. The portfolio is enhanced by our proprietary Volatility Targeting and Concentrated Exposure models that continuously assess both the individual model and market states, dynamically adjusting trade size and market exposure with the aim of controlling total portfolio risk and stabilizing returns over time. The program continues to evolve with ongoing research in model development, risk mitigation and trade execution, while keeping to the original concept of directional price movement accompanying volatility expansion. The program: Systematically trades multiple models in order to capture different aspects of price structure Uses dynamic stops independent to each model to help control individual model and market risk Targets individual model and total portfolio risk through our Volatility Targeting Model helping to stabilize returns over time Reduces correlated market exposure through our Concentrated Exposure Model helping to avoid clusters of correlated market risk Uses multiple holding periods and dynamic market exits creating an average hold of less than 5 days Trades a diversified portfolio of liquid global futures products covering Asia, Europe and the US Is uncorrelated with traditional investments Provides short-term liquidity with no lock-up period through managed accounts