EG Systems (Global Arbitrage

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Fund Investment Objectives

EG SYSTEMS GLOBAL ARBITRAGE is a multi-strategy proprietary trading firm with a focus on Arbitrage and Relative Value. Our approach is to continously analyse markets, detect inefficiencies and explore price discrepancies within a universe of tens of thousands of instruments on various markets. We combine highly quantitative research with discretionary decision making to validate or reject systematic trading signals generated by our trading models and Proprietary Softwares. EG Systems investment philosophy is that trading systems and models should always remain under the control of experienced traders who have a thorough understanding of each market and their specific characteristics. Therefore, except for very simple strategies that can be computer generated, trading decisions are ultimately at the discretion of our highly experienced investment manager. Our strategies range from volatility arbitrage, long/short Equities, Relative Value, Statistical Arbitrage to global Macro. Our investment universe ranges from equities, equity derivatives (options, warrants), Volatility futures (VIX futures and options), to index futures, energy, currencies, on all major financial centers (Europe, North America, Japan) EG Systems has a very conservative risk profile and does not take directional views on the markets. All trades are therefore covered with the best hedge at the time of the transaction, in order to eliminate market/systemic risk. EG Systems managers have invested 80%+ of their net wealth in the program and intend to show their commitment and trust in their strategies by holding this investment. For further information please contact