Endeavour Capital Partners


Fund Investment Objectives

Endeavour Capital Advisors invests in public equity securities in the financial sector and employs a value-based, fundamentally driven investment process that capitalizes on the ability to establish both long and short positions. The objective is to earn above average risk-adjusted returns while taking moderate risk and employing minimal leverage. We aim to preserve capital while achieving consistent long-term capital appreciation returns above relevant market indices. We rely on a detailed and comprehensive understanding of business models, industry drivers, valuation and risk to protect principal and generate returns. Portfolio managers and analysts meet regularly with portfolio companies' management teams and maintain deep industry contacts. Although the strategy is primarily focused on bottom-up research, a macro overlay is applied to understand the impact of industry and market dynamics. Endeavour seeks to identify companies distinguished by low prices relative to inherent book value and sustainable core earnings, capable and proven management, and a strong or greatly improving financial condition. We possess an expert fundamental and technical understanding of the financial services industry. This knowledge, coupled with an extensive network of relationships within the banking industry, is employed to identify value investments based on acquisition potential, turnaround prospects, earnings momentum, and other valuation catalysts.