EnTrust Capital Diversified

Fund Ltd. - Class C

Fund Investment Objectives

EnTrust Capital Diversified Fund Ltd. is a multi-manager/multi-strategy fund whose primary focus is finding managers with risk-adjusted returns within a range of non-correlated investment strategies that we regard as likely to provide favorable investment opportunities in most economic environments. Our multi-manager, multi-strategy approach is intended to achieve high risk-adjusted rates of return within a volatility range of 5%-7%. The Investment Committee is chaired by Gregg S. Hymowitz, Founder/Managing Partner/Portfolio Manager, and is comprised of a Partner and two Managing Directors. While the Investment Committee will consider any investment strategy which it believes will add alpha to the portfolio, it will not invest in any investment style or strategy which it is not comfortable with, as determined after discussions with the managers and thorough due diligence. Class C shareholders are charged management fees on a sliding scale relative to assets and do not get charged an incentive fee. $1-10M: 1.40% annual management fee; $10,000,001-$50M: 1.30% annual management fee; $50,000,001-$100,000,000M: 1.20% annual management fee; Greater than $100,000,000M: 0.85% annual management fee.