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Fund Investment Objectives

Estlander & Partners Global Markets adopt a systematic trading approach to global and liquid futures and forward markets. Over 110 markets are traded in the programme, where price and fundamental information is used for decision making. The core parts of Global Markets are trend following models. Return extraction is based on behavioural biases and cyclical risk premiums as well as changes in global economies. Here, models with holding periods from a few hours up to several months are combined. In the decision making process, data from the underlying market as well as related markets is used. Positions are both long and short. Systematic Macro models take further advantage of non-price information in the decision making process. The models take advantage of global capital flows based on economic trends and extract time-varying risk premia and value opportunities. The models provide a diversifying return stream to the trend-following models. Counter-trend models models are trading on horizons ranging from a few hours to approximately 10 days. These models are a positive diversifier to the price driven trend and systematic macro models. Risk is balanced in the portfolio with Achilles risk management. It is a forward looking estimation of the worst case outcome (including correlation breakdowns) for each model. The information is provided on strategy level for the investment programme in question. Performance figures and other information on funds applying the investment programme in question are available by contacting Estlander & Partners Ltd.