Farema Capital European

Equity Long Short UCITS EURO

Fund Investment Objectives

The Fund objective is to maximize total return investing in European and emerging EMEA listed companies through an in-depth and research driven bottom-up process. The approach is very action driven and concentrates purely on stock picking with no dilution from other equity strategies. The investment process is based on a search for catalyst typically using a total of 40-50 positions and a -20/60% net exposure. Gross exposure ranges from 100 to 200%. The process is applied to growth or value opportunities and special situations. Every position has a proprietary model with a written investment case, valuations and a price target. The PM has a large mid-cap bias and is typically an early investor in under-researched stocks and in event driven situations. On the short side, the team concentrates on weakening fundamentals and structural shorts avoiding consensual positions. AUM is not disclosed.