Fintan Master

Fund, Ltd.

Fund Investment Objectives

Fintan Partners is expert in creating and managing innovative alternative investment solutions. The Fintan Master Fund is a concentrated and specialized absolute return fund of hedge funds. The fund's objective is to provide investors annualized returns 4-6% above Treasury Bills that are substantially uncorrelated to the broad equity and fixed income markets and low in volatility. History: Fintan Partners was established in 2005 with a founding investment from Stanford University. Fintan serves a predominantly institutional investor base. Senior Portfolio Manager Alex Klikoff managed all aspects of Stanford's endowment portfolio allocated to hedge funds before founding Fintan, and our Stanford and Fintan tenures combine to form a 12-year track record of allocating to hedge funds in the same strategy. Philosophy: We believe the hedge fund world is overly crowded, resulting in a range of negative issues including high correlations, excessive risk-taking, and declining returns. Our solution is to identify strategies with few competitors and a sustainable competitive advantage, with the goal of producing positive absolute returns with low correlations to equities and fixed income. AUM not disclosed.