Capital, LP

Fund Investment Objectives

The investment strategy of Firewall Capital, LP was designed to deliver exceptional performance by trading multiple asset classes with relatively low correlation to other portfolio holdings. The Fund utilizes a proven methodology based on fundamental and technical research distilled from market data covering more than 60 years of back-tested analysis and live trading results. By allocating our assets among uncorrelated securities, Firewall Capital intends to deliver superior alpha generation over other traditional investments. While most money managers invest primarily in a fixed sector of the market, Firewall Capital intends to diversify assets among a select group of assets which have a realistic certainty of profit and hold until targets are realized. During shifts in market cycles and periods of uncertainty, the strategy will reallocate to reduce risk and take advantage of changing economic conditions (inflation, deflation, rising interest rates, etc.). Essential to the long-term success of our strategy, we apply sophisticated risk management principles to reduce the possibility of loss. These techniques continuously monitor all positions in real time, dynamically allocate its portfolio among non-correlated assets, and rebalancing as needed to manage the typical risk/return cycles found in all markets. AUM reflects the aggregate of the various share classes and is denominated in USD.