Formula Growth Perinvest


Fund Investment Objectives

The Formula Growth Hedge Fund (FGHF) is an equity long/short fund with the aim of producing consistent above market returns, while protecting capital in down markets, through entire business cycles. The investment process seeks to uncover, through a bottom-up valuation process, the best opportunities in the investment universe. The Fund is typically well diversified across industry sectors and normally invested in 70- 80 stocks (generally around 50-60 longs and 15-20 shorts). Our script based investing style will usually examine over 2000 ideas per year and retain the top 15% long/short actionable investments. This constant portfolio refreshing ensures the fund is always invested in stocks with the highest expected returns. Formula Growth (FG) has a deep experience and knowledge of the mid-cap space and our team seeks to uncover high conviction investment ideas in this large and often less understood segment of the market. With over 50 years of industry experience, FG is well positioned to deploy its deep knowledge and relationship network to uncover under and over-valued stocks for its long and short book.