Fundamental Asset Mgmt

(Typhoon Options Fund D EUR)

Fund Investment Objectives

The TYPHOON OPTIONS FUND invests in a diverse portfolio of index options and futures. It will take advantage of stock market falls as well as rises and therefore seek to increase growth during all market conditions. The Company's strategy is to invest in cash or near cash assets (e.g. Treasury Bills, Gilts) and take hedged long and short positions in FTSE 100 index options and futures. The Fund takes up out of the money short positions in both Calls and Puts. During highly volatile times Futures are also used to provide additional protection. Returns are made on striking the correct levels on both the upside and downside together with time. The strikes of the options are determined by the manager's analysis of equity markets. The manager will take a long term valuation view of equity markets and combine that with a more short term technical view to determine the directions of equity markets over the short and longer term. AUM reflects the aggregate of the various share classes and is denominated in GBP.