Genesis Merchant Partners,


Fund Investment Objectives

Genesis Merchant Parntners L.P.'s investment objective is to seek consistent absolute returns primarily by making strategic and opportunistic loans, on a secured or unsecured basis, to all types of domestic or foreign borrowers, including small and micro-cap public companies, private companies as well as special purpose real estate and other niche business entities. In this regard, the Partnership's investment focus is in markets which the Investment Advisor considers under served, out of favor, under the radar, less than prime, or distressed - i.e., markets in which the Investment Advisor anticipates it can generate investment returns higher than those generated by the more typical asset-backed loan fund. The Partnership may also invest its available funds in a broad range of other types of investments at the discretion of the Investment Advisor. The Partnership will seek to obtain returns through coupon payments on loans, short-term capital gains, long-term investment gains, asset realization and various fees paid by borrowers in connection with financing received from the Partnership, while also attempting to preserve capital and mitigate risk through internal due diligence, securing assets or cash flows, obtaining collateral, diversification of investments and collateral, staggering of maturities and duration, limiting position size, and various hedging activities. No assurance can be given, however, that the Partnership will achieve its investment objective or be profitable, and investment results may vary substantially from period to period. The Fund was launched on October 23, 2007.