GG Macro,


Fund Investment Objectives

GG Macro's principal objective is to seek to provide investors with an attractive risk-adjusted return over the intermediate to long term by investing and trading in global fixed income, commodity, currency, equity markets, and their related derivatives. Through this flexible global discretionary mandate, GG Macro's investment manager believes that economic, monetary, political, industry, and company trends and developments create opportunities across asset classes in a variety of market conditions. We believe a multidisciplinary approach to information gathering and analysis can reveal market inefficiencies and identify a variety of risk/reward opportunities. A broad array of information sources may be used to analyze information on economic, monetary, political, and industry trends. We pay particular attention to credit and economic cycles, seeking trends, inflection points, and market misperceptions. As themes and individual situations are identified, we seek in our judgment the best risk-adjusted way to profit on such opportunities. Fundamental, technical, and valuation analysis may be employed. Risk management is typically implemented both at the position and portfolio level, with particular priority to the portfolio's overall characteristics and performance. Our aim is to achieve over 15% plus net returns in good years with annual losses of no more than 10% in bad years. No assurance can be given that a Fund's investment objectives will be achieved and an investor may lose all or a portion of his, her or its investment in a Fund. AUM is available upon request.