Global Ag,


Fund Investment Objectives

GLOBAL AG, LLC trades primarily, but not exclusively, futures on agricultural markets, primarily grains and oilseeds and the associated options on these markets. On rare occasion, it trades markets other than what he considers its primary focus. Global AG is acutely aware of the randomness of markets. However, it is our belief that fundamentals determine the eventual movement of a particular market towards a price, either higher or lower than currently observed. It is for this reason that the program relies heavily on analyzing each market fundamentally and developing a trading strategy to compliment its analysis. As price discovery takes place, the program monitors a host of market inputs that it deems very important. Some of these include energy and currency values, domestic and international freight values, underlying cash values associated with futures markets, as well as political events in both importing an exporting countries that can have a substantive effect on global trade flows. Through this constant monitoring, we are keen to try and identify any changing fundamental or group of fundamentals that may possibly alter our view on price direction or the extent of the move anticipated. If changes occur we will adjust accordingly. We are just as comfortable trading the futures markets from the sell side as from the buy side. Once the analysis is complete and the trend move is identified, we will trade a range around price movement in an effort to maximize returns.