Gottex Market Neutral

Fund-Class B USD

Fund Investment Objectives

The objective is to generate consistent returns over the medium term with low correlation to major stock and fixed income market indices. The Gottex Market Neutral Fund is expected to consist of at least 50 hedge fund investments and has a global focus. Each invested hedge fund must be independently market neutral. That is hedge funds that substantially hedge out any direct first order exposure to major stock and bond markets. The managers of these market neutral hedge funds primarily pursue market neutral implementations of strategies that fall within the Relative Value, Event Driven, and Hedged Equities styles. Such returns are expected to be associated with a low degree of risk. The Market Neutral Fund is made available to investors in US$ (Class B), with two times leverage (Class D), and in various currencies via a passive foreign exchange overlay hedge. AUM combines all share classes and is reported in USD. PORTFOLIO MANAGERS MARKET NEUTRAL FUND: EDWARD RUSSELL & CHRIS HAWKINS