Granite Point

Capital, L.P.

Fund Investment Objectives

Granite Point Capital is a fundamental, long/short equity investor focused primarily on U.S. mid- and small-cap companies. We attempt to understand companies on their own as well as within their ecosystems, and look for stocks where there is a mismatch between the underlying fundamentals of a company and its stock price - both on the long and short side. We consider each potential position the context of the overall portfolio and the market and size positions accordingly. Since inception in February 2004, our net exposure has ranged from 10% to 65% net long, but on average has been about 20% net long. We hedge risk in several ways, including naked shorts, pair trades, ETF shorts, and short positions in futures. On average, the portfolio has consisted of about 60 individual positions. Lock-up: Quarterly for Class A investors, 3-year lockup followed by quarterly for Class B investors