GT Capital CTA (Dynamic

Trading - Proprietary)

Fund Investment Objectives

The GT DYNAMIC TRADING PROGRAM employs a proprietary trading technique developed by GT Capital's principal in which fundamental factors, such as market psychology, and technical indicators are combined in an attempt to forecast market direction. The Advisor looks to enter markets which appear to be overbought or oversold and exploit these conditions by taking the appropriate side in the market. In determining which direction of the market to trade, the Advisor uses technical indicators such as Elliot Wave counts, Fibonacci retracements, moving averages, and stochastics to determine appropriate entry and exit levels. For instance, if a market appears to be in a bearish trend, the Advisor waits until all of the program's indicators show the market as being oversold and that a trend reversal is likely to occur before placing an order to go long in the market. In assessing the number of contracts to trade, the Advisor examines the volatility and volume of the market in order to avoid having to liquidate a position prematurely due to temporary price reversals. In a trending market, the program is also designed to take partial profits by exiting portions of positions at pre-determined retracement levels, while leaving the remainder of the position open to take advantage of a continuation in the trend. GT Capital may also trade accounts using options strategies, including purchasing options to initiate positions or manage risk on open futures positions, selling uncovered options for the purpose of generating additional income and using both credit and debit spread strategies. Returns are based on proforma adjustments to a proprietary account to reflect fees. Client accounts will be traded in like fashion.