(Force 10)

Fund Investment Objectives

The investment philosophy of H2O is based on the conviction that value diversification is the most stable and robust source of alpha over time. All-out diversification not only across assets, but also by investment horizon and manager expertise, gives us the ability to make better decisions and to produce more consistent risk adjusted performance. To generate alpha, H2O AM follows a top-down qualitative investment process and monitors the risk associated to calibrate the highly diversified strategies. No single position in itself has any meaning outside this overall risk/return context. A view is fed by a set of factors from seven fund managers and established as a risk-on, risk-off or diversifying strategy at a given horizon. The qualitative views are then translated into quantitative forecasts taking into account past volatilities and correlations and using Black & Litterman methodology as the key instrument enabling the conversion of views into positions. H2O AM fund managers take directional, relative value and specific/thematic positions in fixed income, currency and equity markets (no credit, no commodity exposure). The exposures are first decided in respect of each asset class: G4 govies, USD and equity markets. Relative value strategies are then constructed independently from the directional positions: they are "exposure-neutral". Finally, specific or thematic calls may be implemented separately. All the above strategies are invested using preferably derivatives. The Funds Under Management corresponds to the assets of the strategy.