Hagin Keystone Market

Neutral Fund

Fund Investment Objectives

The Hagin Keystone Market Neutral Fund (the "Fund") follows a market neutral strategy (the "Strategy"). The Strategy seeks to limit market risk by balancing long and short positions. HAGIN Capital, LLC, d.b.a. HAGIN Investment Management, the Fund's investment adviser (the "Adviser"), will buy, or take long positions in, equity securities of U.S. companies that it believes are undervalued and more likely to appreciate and, at the same time, sell short, or take short positions in, equity securities it believes are overvalued and more likely to depreciate. Equity securities in which the Fund may invest include common stocks, preferred stocks and exchange traded funds ("ETFs"). The Fund will primarily invest in stocks from the Russell 1000(R) Index. The Fund is not limited to selecting stocks within a specific capitalization range, sector or industry. By following the Strategy, the Fund's overall price movements are not expected to correlate with the general stock market's price movements. This means that the Fund is expected to have returns independent of the general stock market which would limit the Fund's participation in a market upswing, for example. The Fund may invest in derivatives, such as options, to a significant extent, for any purpose consistent with its investment objective such as hedging or obtaining market exposure. The Fund may also borrow or use other leverage techniques for investment purposes. In determining when and to what extent to employ leverage or enter into derivatives transactions, the Adviser will consider factors such as the relative risks and returns expected of potential investments and the cost of such transactions. The Adviser will consider the impact of derivatives in making its assessments of the Strategy's risks.