Hamer Trading, Inc (Hamer


Fund Investment Objectives

HAMER TRADING was founded in 1998 with the goal of producing significant long term investment returns through the development of systematic trading programs using historical research and statistical analysis. Our belief is that consistent long-term investment returns can be delivered regardless of economic conditions. The core trading method (90%) of the Hamer Fund, LLC is the Hamer Diversified Systematic Program, a proprietary trend following system, which captures trends in a diversified group of U.S. and international futures markets with an average holding period of 100 days. The program has been refined over the past thirteen years from a multi-system / multi-time frame approach to a return back to longer-term trend following methods. The return to longer-term methods (2008) has provided consistent returns while reducing volatility, and beating the industry benchmarks. Our belief in choosing a broad market selection of futures markets to trade comes from our desire to have exposure to any trending sector that might develop from year to year. This broad exposure, combined with good trend following techniques has given the program more consistent returns compared to our benchmarks and our competitors. The system trades seven different market sectors: interest rate, currency, energy, metal, grain, stock index, and softs (cocoa, coffee, etc) trading 31 different individual futures markets. The remaining 10% of the fund is composed of discretionary trades in common stocks and options. Cash not used for futures trading margins is placed in secured interest bearing instruments.