Haussmann Holdings N.V.

Class D CHF

Fund Investment Objectives

Haussmann Holdings N.V. invests primarily in a selection of equity long/short and global macro managers. The various types of investment styles of the funds or discretionary securities investment accounts in which Haussmann Holdings N.V. invests include, but are not limited to: US long/short hedge, European hedge, Japan hedge, macro managers, US emerging growth, global equity long, emerging markets and event driven styles. The investment objective of Haussmann Holdings N.V. is to capture 2/3 of a bull market and limit the drawdown to 1/3 of a bear market. Haussmann Holdings N.V.'s target return is 8-12% with a target volatility of 2/3 of the equity market. Class D is an open-ended investment fund. Minimum investment is the CHF equivalent of USD 50,000.