Headstart Fund of Funds Ltd.

Class D2 GBP

Fund Investment Objectives

The investment objective of the Fund is to achieve long-term capital growth in excess of returns available in monetary markets, while seeking to minimise the risk of losses by strategically allocating its investments between a variety of different hedge fund styles and strategies involving equities, bonds, derivatives and other instruments. The Fund caters for investors who wish to gain access to a strategically selected mix of hedge funds and other investment vehicles managed by many of the world's premier trading advisers, which would not otherwise be available for that level of investment. Headstart Fund of Funds is unique due to several characteristics. It is a concentrated Fund of Funds in the strategies that offer the best risk / reward ratios emphasising low volatility strategies similar to the other Headstart Funds. This is unlike other Fund of Funds, who feel they have to be invested in a wide variety of investment strategies which tends to result in average performance. The Headstart Fund of Funds portfolio is invested in strategies which seek a high return relative to overall market exposure. Payout: 100% 5 days after finalization of NAV. AUM combines all share classes and is reported in USD.