Henrik Hallenborg (FX


Fund Investment Objectives

The FX MOMENTUM Currency Futures Strategystrategy tries to take advantage of short term trends. The model follows impulse moves in the markets by buying high to sell even higher, and selling short at low levels, to buy back even lower. FX Momentum has no correlation to any indices. The results of the model are totally dependent on the manager's ability to take advantage of short-term fluctuations in the currency market. With a minimum capital requirement of $20.000, FX Momentum is suitable for small and large investors, who would like to profit from short-term trends up or down. Hallenborg & Sandstroem Fund Management AB (HASAFUMA) is an alternative wealth management company specializing in quant trading, trend following trading with global financial instruments, such as stocks, bonds, commodities, currencies, and indices. Founded in 2011 by Thomas Sandstroem and Henrik Hallenborg HASAFUMA addresses well-informed, risk-conscious investors. HASAFUMAs investment models are active in more than 50 international futures markets. To handle the large trading volumes the trading process is mainly computerized. The systems track the markets 24 hours to determine opportunities. By employing sophisticated systematic models based on algorithms rather than a fund managers belief about the future movements of the markets, we seek to profit from a statistically proven edge. By charting the actions of the market participants, detecting the psychology of the crowd, we seek to find situation where similar patterns tend to repeat themselves and thus gives us an edge to place our calculated "bets" in favorable situations. The trading models has been developed by statistical analysis of historical data of the futures markets. In applying the strategies to real trading a key aspect of the operation is the system's ability to manage risk. The level of risk varies in HASAFUMAs programs and thus gives each investor the possibility to choose his own comfortable level. In general, the more risk, the higher is the possible return.