Class A EUR

Fund Investment Objectives

DGC Horizonte Class A EUR is a EUR denominated class of DGC Horizonte, a subfund of Diversified Growth Company, a company organised as a "societe d'investissement Y capital variable (SICAV)", registered under Part I of the Luxembourg law of December 17, 2010 on collective investment undertakings. DGC Horizonte invests directly and indirectly in carefully selected equity funds and fixed income funds. DGC Horizonte may also invest in equities and similar securities, as well as fixed-income securities. On an ancillary basis it may hold cash, cash deposits, and money market instruments. Investments can be made worldwide, comprising also emerging markets. DGC Horizonte target return will be to outperform an index made of 40% MSCI World Index and 60% cash, with a volatility around 50% of the MSCI World Index. AUM reflects the aggregate of the various share classes and is denominated in EUR.