Infinitas Capital Absolute

Return Strategy

Fund Investment Objectives

The Infinitas Capital Absolute Return strategy seeks to generate high risk-adjusted returns by investing in a moderately concentrated long/short portfolio of global equities. The Firm uses a combination of bottom-up stock selection and deep research with an overlay of top-down considerations. The Firm stresses analytic flexibility and believes institutional style-boxing contradicts an absolute return objective. Common core values that always remain include: Deep Research (consistent, ongoing, with emphasis on original/field research); Concentration (forces higher conviction level; requires more stringent screening; allows for more in-depth research); Valuation (determine true business value; multi-factor methodology; medium term focus); and Hedging (seeks to preserve capital in down markets; absolute returns; reduces market correlation; reduces volatility). The strategy seeks to avoid excessive diversification by maintaining a high conviction portfolio of 15-20 long investments and 15-30 shorts. This strategy is run as a managed account, not a fund.