Inflection Strategic

Opportunities Fund

Fund Investment Objectives

The Fund's investment objective is to seek superior long-term capital appreciation and pursue attractive absolute returns by investing in a diverse set of global trading and investing strategies and instruments, adopting a Fund of Hedge Funds investment approach. The strategies and instruments in which the Fund will invest will typically include a select group of private investment partnerships, limited liability companies and other entities, or separate investment accounts organized in Europe, the United States, Canada and elsewhere (the Portfolio Funds). The Fund does expect to have modestly concentrated positions and to use moderate leverage which may increase the volatility of returns. The Portfolio Funds will be comprised of underlying funds and investment accounts that offer exposure to value dislocations due to mergers, distressed asset sales, downgraded securities, emerging markets, global bond and equity markets and foreign currencies. The incentive fee is as follows 15% on first 10.00% return, and 20% of gross returns thereafter (series A). AUM is not disclosed.