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Class E - Black Gold

Fund Investment Objectives

Insch Black Gold is an innovative hybrid investment tool providing secured income investment derived from oil revenues. It has a bond-like structure secured by fully proven oil resources, predominantly in Canada and has a target yield of 9.5% p.a. paid quarterly with an upside enhancement through oil price participation. Insch Black Gold funds are separated into two return drivers; 90% of the Principal will be in Loan Notes and 10% of the Principal in a Geared Oil Enhancement Strategy. The Loan Notes represent a diversified portfolio of revenue generating interests in oil producing properties and are secured by proven oil resources (which are NI 51-101 Compliant). Black Gold offers investors yield protection as long as the oil price is above $66 per barrel. Additionally, through the Geared Oil Enhancement Strategy, investors have exposure to potential oil price appreciation. The average 5 year oil return since 1983 has been 47%, which represents 8% p.a. return. The investment is callable after 24 months at 10% premium. Key features: hedge against inflation, an income product not correlated with bond markets, return profile which is superior to oil corporate bonds and stocks, investment which avoids equity market risk.