ISTAR Capital BV (IStar

Systematic Fund)

Fund Investment Objectives

ISTAR CAPITAL BV PROVIDES CTA/Managed Futures style hedge fund strategies in commodities, financial futures and emerging market currencies that rely on behavioral economics research and the extensive experience of the principals.This alternative investment strategy is intended for qualified institutional and professional investors, in particular those who are looking for diversification away from the traditional equity markets. In May 2011, IStar Capital signed a seed investment deal with IMQubator, the hedge fund seeding platform backed by APG. IMQubator has committed $35mln to the IStar Systematic Fund, a sub-fund of the Luxembourg based Privium Selection Fund SCA SICAV-SIF. The sub-fund was launched in September 2011 and IStar Capital is the exclusive investment advisor. The name "ISTAR" is derived from the initials of the shareholders (IMQubator, Shally, Thomas, Artarit, Rudolph). In order to concentrate on performance and to develop solid operational and regulatory risk management for the fund, IStar Capital has chosen to setup Istar Systematic fund as a subfund under the umbrella of Privium Selection Fund SCA SICAV SIF and to out-source the middle office to an independent company - Darwin Platform ( , ). The Privium Selection Fund SCA SICAV SIF investment manager is Privium Fund Management UK, which is FCA authorised and regulated. Istar Capital is the exclusive Investment Advisor of Privium Fund Management for the Istar Systematic fund. IStar Capital is a systematic trading program that invests in 26 commodity futures, in 14 financial futures and in 18 EM currency forwards. Major elements of the strategy were traded by the principals at their previous jobs and back-tested results are available from 1998. It is a mostly systematic program based on robust and clear rules coming from two trading strategies with low or negative correlation.