JLP Partners

Fund LP

Fund Investment Objectives

The JLP Partners Fund LP's investment objective is to maximize total returns through investments in a portfolio of companies that are undergoing or have undergone some financial stress. These investments will primarily focus on equity securities but may also include options, preferred stock, convertible securities, corporate bonds, corporate bank loans, trade claims, and trade receivables. The Fund focuses on finding investments in out-of-favor industries. The Fund, however, may also invest in companies that are in Chapter 11 bankruptcy, liquidation or involved in a prepackaged bankruptcy, or that have recently come out of bankruptcy. Because these companies are undergoing or have undergone financial stress and are out-of-favor themselves or are in out-of-favor industries, opportunities to invest in these companies may arise due to a lack of information, illiquidity, excessive selling demand and complexity of situations, companies, or securities. The Investment Manager intends to select securities after doing extensive fundamental research on these companies. The Investment Manager will concentrate the Fund's investments in securities that it believes trade at a significant discount to their future underlying values.