KIS Asia Long Short Cayman


Fund Investment Objectives

A significant portion of the KIS Asia Long Short Fund is managed through the construction of a basket of long and short positions in liquid and transparent Australian and Asian stocks. Our portfolio managers rely on a combination of fundamental analysis, real-time technical analysis, and a focus on identifying catalysts and events which will result in price movements in the underlying shares. Our Long/Short portfolio has a deliberately active trading style and intentionally takes a short-term approach to the markets. Variables such as earnings surprise; stock price versus fundamental valuation; dividend policy; management composition, are used in addition to a number of other key fundamental and technical indicators to build a solid factual and analytical foundation to the composition of the Long/Short portfolio. The investment decisions of KIS Capital Partners do not rigidly adhere to any particular formula or system, but rather rely on the knowledge and judgment of our portfolio managers. Our strategy does not rely on using large amounts of leverage and our investments are predominantly in liquid, transparent markets. AUM is not disclosed.