Kotak Indian Growth Fund,

Class A

Fund Investment Objectives

The assets are approximately distributed with 70% in large cap stocks, 20% in bottom-up ideas and 10 % in tactical trading. The fund manager will seek to invest in companies, which exhibit one or more of the following characteristics: 1) Companies which are expected to sustain high growth, 2) Companies expected to create and deliver long-term value due to innovation and IPR development,3) Companies with the potential for unlocking value in the medium to long-term due to strategic sale, change in management, deregulation, economic legislation, and reform, 4) Companies which are sectoral leaders and enjoy leadership in their respective segments, 5) Companies which are strong asset plays, and 6) Companies which are expected to witness operational and financial improvement due to positive swing in their business cycles.*To contact the fund manager in the US please use the following email: ravilochan@kotakinc.com