Liberty Harbor I Offshore,


Fund Investment Objectives

Liberty Harbor is a corporate credit-focused hedge fund. The Fund employs an opportunistic, multi-disciplinary investment approach that combines deep credit-oriented fundamental due diligence with careful consideration of capital market technicals and significant cross-asset class expertise. The team performs rigorous fundamental analysis on corporate issuers in order to exploit mispricing in all types of corporate securities, including senior secured loans, senior and subordinated notes, convertible securities and equities. The Fund focuses on individual security selection, and therefore their investment process is grounded in investment idea generation through intensive, fundamental single name and sector research. The team also relies on frequent formal and informal communication across the entire team to shape and develop investment theses. We attempt to ensure that we are taking intended risks for which we are compensated, so we hedge at the trade level, industry level and the portfolio level. We view risk management as an essential element of Liberty Harbor's underlying investment philosophy and forms an integral part of our investment process. We employ state-of-the-art risk management models, including Goldman Sachs proprietary risk models, to assist in the monitoring and management of market risk to pinpoint and quantify sources of risk within a specific portfolio. The broader team of 57 professionals is lead by Gregg Felton. Redemption subject to a 25% investor limit per quarter. Fees: None though the Fund bears its own operating expenses such as audit administrative and legal fees.