Liongate Multi-Strategy Fund

F (SEK Class)

Fund Investment Objectives

Liongate Multi-Strategy Fund is a diversified portfolio of hedge funds. The focus of the Fund is to deliver a consistent annual return to investors of LIBOR plus > 5%. At least 35 hedge fund managers are chosen for investment by the Fund. The common traits of these talented managers are independence, creativity, knowledge, experience, transparency, and integrity. The Fund has blended the managers and their assets into a diverse portfolio of niche, distinctive and complementary investment strategies. The managers should generate active alpha by exploiting market inefficiencies, regardless of market conditions or peer performance. Exceptional quantitative and qualitative analyses are performed to find, understand, select and monitor the managers and their assets comprising the Fund. The portfolio is constructed to maintain optimum diversity by manager, strategy, economy, geography, market, trading style, liquidity, duration and size. The Fund invests in hedge funds having low correlations to each other and with major equity and bond markets. Allocations to managers are optimised to maximize absolute return and to minimize total risk. The portfolio risk parameters and weightings of each manager are monitored rigorously, and are re-evaluated regularly, according to market opportunity. Managers which diverge fundamentally from their expected risk-reward parameters are removed from the portfolio. The Fund provides an alternative source of alpha for institutional investors. The AUM combines all share classes.