LO Selection - The Growth


Fund Investment Objectives

The Fund aims to generate income and capital growth over the long-term. It invests worldwide in a diversified portfolio consisting of i) equities, ii) bonds, iii) fund units, iv) financial derivative instruments, and (v) cash. The Fund may be exposed to alternative asset classes, such as but not limited to commodities, precious metals, and hedge funds. The Fund reflects the growth investment strategy followed by Lombard Odier Private Clients Unit Management. The investment strategy is guided by a detailed analysis of the financial markets and macro-economic imbalances. It is constantly adjusted in line with trends on the financial markets. Asset valuations and their risk premiums are examined to take advantage of opportunities offered by the market. Most of the Fund is allocated in Euros or hedged against Euros. The use of derivatives is part of the investment strategy. Minimum Investment is in EUR or equivalent. AUM prior to June 2012 is not provided.