Long/Short Selection - Lynx

Class I USD

Fund Investment Objectives

Long/Short Selection - Lynx Class I USD is an open-ended investment company investing its assets in Lynx Selection Holdings Ltd. (LSH) and systematically hedges the Euro exposure through currency forward positions. LSH is invested with a selection of independent money managers with whom Notz, Stucki has built a long-term relationship. Initially, LSH was invested with traditional and equity long short managers active in markets worldwide with the exception of the US market and the portfolio always carried an important weighting to managers active in European markets. In January 1999, LSH's investment mandate was re-focused to concentrate solely on managers investing in European markets. Currently, LSH's portfolio has allocated 95% of its assets to European Long short managers and the remaining 4% to a traditional European manager. AUM reflects the aggregate of the various share classes and is denominated in EUR.