Longview Natural Resource

Fund, LLC

Fund Investment Objectives

The LONGVIEW NATURAL RESOURCE FUND, LLC is designed to track the performance of the Longview Commodity Index with a very low tracking error. The Fund is a rules-based, fully collateralized, unleveraged index comprised of 12 non-financial commodity futures contracts across four US Markets commodity sectors: 1) Energy - crude Oil, heating oil, natural Gas; 2) Metals - gold, silver, copper; 3) Grains - corn, wheat, soybeans; and 4) Softs - coffee, cocoa, sugar#11. The Fund uses long-dated futures contracts that roll at least 2 months prior to expiration and thereby reflect long-term value and avoid the higher volatility of near-term holdings. The investment objectives are to provide investors with commodity asset class returns, low correlations to other asset classes, and lower volatility than other commodity related investments at a low cost.