M.D. Sass Maximus Partners,


Fund Investment Objectives

Flexible and opportunistic approach to equities (long and short) across market capitalizations and investment styles. Intensive focus on proprietary in-depth fundamental research performed on a company-by-company basis. Long-bias, with shorts and active asset allocation employed to control risk. Equity market screened for potential long/short investment candidates utilizing our proprietary equity valuation model that measures each stock's price discount to its estimated Fair Value. In-depth fundamental analysis performed to refine our estimates of each company's earnings and dividend growth potential and to select the appropriate risk factor with which to discount these cash flows to calculate the stock's Fair Value. Disciplined sell process when: 1) market price exceeds fair market value, 2) position size becomes greater than 6% of market value, and 3) prospects deteriorate. Team has successfully managed equities through all types of markets, investment styles, and capitalizations. Powerful combination of nontraditional backgrounds, skill, and experience. Extensive network of contacts in industry as well as investment experience. Proven investment process, philosophy, and strategy