Malabar India

Fund, L.P.

Fund Investment Objectives

Malabar was launched in September 2008 as an India focused fund with a value based investment approach. We typically invest in high quality, under-valued small companies that are less followed by the investment community. Accordingly we target smaller businesses which are leaders in their space, have the management and structural organization to grow, and are available at reasonable valuations. Our core portfolio consists of roughly fifteen companies, each of which we conducted a heavy amount of diligence on. Due to this we are based in Mumbai. The Fund is an investment vehicle through which qualified investors can collectively invest primarily in equity and equity-linked securities of entities formed under the laws of India, or other countries in South Asia and the Middle East, with the objective of achieving capital appreciation. The Fund may also invest directly in equity and equity-linked securities (including American Depositary Receipts, Global Depositary Receipts, options and warrants) of publicly traded companies.