Man Investments Ltd (AHL


Fund Investment Objectives

The AHL DIMENSION PROGRAM employs computerized processes to identify trading opportunities across a wide range of markets around the world. These trading opportunities are identified using techniques focused on analyzing price trends in addition to systematic fundamental and non-directional strategies. A trading and implementation infrastructure is then employed to capitalize on these trading opportunities. This process is quantitative and systematic in nature, and is underpinned by risk control, ongoing research, diversification and the constant quest for efficiency. Trading takes place around-the -clock and real-time price and non-price information is used to adjust positions across a diverse range of global markets. The AHL Dimension Program invests in a diversified portfolio of instruments which may include futures, options and forward contracts, swaps and other financial derivatives both on and off exchange. These markets may be accessed directly or indirectly and include, without limitation, stocks, bonds, currencies, short-term interest rates, energies, metals, credit and agriculturals. AUM reflects AHL firm assets.