Man Investments Ltd (AHL

Diversified plc)

Fund Investment Objectives

The investment objective of MAN AHL DIVERSIFIED PLC is to achieve impressive medium-term growth of capital, while restricting the associated risks, by trading a diversified portfolio of Investments on derivative and interbank currency markets using the AHL Diversified Programme. The Company aims to perform independently of traditional stock and bond investments thereby providing valuable diversification benefits and enhancing the risk/reward profile of a traditional investment portfolio. The AHL Diversified Programme is primarily a directional trading system - it employs quantitative trading strategies that seek to identify and take advantage of price trends. It has been constructed to achieve diversification on a number of axis: by country, sector, market, trading frequency and trading strategy. The core objectives of the AHL Diversified Programme are to: 1) produce above average medium-term capital growth; 2) exploit profit opportunities in both rising and falling markets using a disciplined quantitative investment process; 3) minimise risk by operating in a diverse range of sectors and markets using a consistent investment process that adheres to predefined leverage limits and determines market exposure in accordance with market correlation, volatility and liquidity factors; and 4) provide diversification away from traditional stock and bond investments and thereby play a valuable role in enhancing the risk/reward profile of more traditional portfolios. AHL employs sophisticated computerised processes to identify trends and exploit other market inefficiencies in markets around the world. A stable and finely tuned trading and implementation infrastructure is then employed to capitalise on these trading opportunities. This process is quantitative and primarily directional in nature, and is underpinned by rigorous risk control, ongoing research, discipline, diversification and the constant quest for efficiency. Trading takes place around-the-clock and real-time price information is used to respond to price moves across a diverse range of global markets. The AHL Diversified Programme invests in a portfolio of futures, options and forward contracts, swaps and other financial derivative instruments both on and off exchange. These markets may be accessed directly or indirectly and include, without limitation, stock indices, bonds, currencies, short-term interest rates and selected commodities, including energy and metal contracts. Investment rules are executed within a systematic framework. Assets reported represents the AUM in all of the AHL, Alpha or institutional type portfolios