Marshall Wace - MW Gl Fin

Market Neutral Fund A EUR

Fund Investment Objectives

The Financials sector represents a particularly fertile environment for the extraction of alpha due to the high level of dispersion in stock performance. The MW Global Financials Market Neutral Fund seeks to take advantage of this opportunity and provide investors with above average absolute returns primarily through investing and trading in the equities and equity related instruments of global financial companies The Fund adopts a broadly market neutral stance and comprises a portfolio of high conviction positions focused on targeting a range of alpha opportunities by exploiting the wide dispersion in stock performance and volatility within the Financials sector. A strong portfolio management team is in place which has a critical understanding of the business models of financial companies derived from disciplined fundamental analysis. Their knowledge of the dynamics of the credit cycle and how current developments sit in a historical context represent a distinct edge. The Fund operates within strict risk parameters designed to capture alpha primarily at the stock level but with a full grasp of the interplay of macro and geographic drivers. AUM is not provided.