Marshall Wace - MW Global

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Fund Investment Objectives

The MW Global Opportunities strategy seeks to exploit the exceptional valuation anomalies and inefficiencies in global equity markets while delivering long-term capital growth to investors within defined risk parameters. The strategy's geographic scope is broad and includes developed and emerging markets. The investment process is based on in-depth fundamental analysis of companies using proprietary valuation screens to identify anomalies. The strategy remains structured around three central, themes: The 'Income and Growth' framework filters companies according to the structural growth characteristics of their end markets considering demographic trends, levels of household debt, real wage growth and of consumer goods penetration. The 'Pricing Power' theme seeks to identify the best and worst companies based on the criteria of barriers to entry, industry consolidation and market share, competitive differentiators, regulatory interference and the extent to which the customer base is captive for either brand or geographic reasons. Within the 'Balance Sheet & Cash Flow' framework, investment selection is driven by a focus on balance sheet liabilities and leverage, the quality of earnings, working capital momentum and corporate governance issues. AUM is not provided. Minimum investment is in EUR.