Matic Capital Allocation LLC

(General Program)

Fund Investment Objectives

The MATIC CAPITAL ALLOCATION LLC MATIC PROGRAM involves trading Gold and other metals futures contract. Matic Program is exclusively technical, and is based on following the trading signals generated by the quantitative trading model developed by the Advisor's Principals, Milan Bhagat. The model is based on customized indicators based on mathematical computation for the metals futures contract. The model analyzes trends, breakouts, reversals and pivots, and momentum strategies to determine entry and exit points. The market data is analyzed on an intraday basis. Typically, eighty percent (80%) of the positions are initiated and exited on the same trading day. Positions held overnight are typically exited with a few trading days. Risk management is priority within the Program. The model analyzes such factors as Sharpe ratios, risk-adjusted returns, volatility and correlation analysis, and tail loss statistics in order to address risk exposure.