MIG Master

Fund, LP A

Fund Investment Objectives

Investment Objective: MIG Master Fund, L.P. (the "Master Fund") seeks to generate superior long-term, risk-adjusted investment returns while minimizing the risk of permanent capital loss by leveraging the operational expertise of the investment team through in-depth fundamental business analysis combined with rigorous financial analysis. Investment Process: The manager is intently focused on portfolio and risk management to structure a portfolio that preserves capital in periods of market stress. Portfolio management is centered around a fundamental understanding of the risk and return of every company in the portfolio. Team/Operating Expertise: Investment professionals with first-hand operating experience and strong investing pedigrees. Ability to leverage the Merage family's intellectual capital and proprietary network of industry relationships. MIG Capital, LLC: The SEC registered investment adviser is one of three MIG(R) companies which include MIG Real Estate, LLC and MIG Private Equity, LLC. The MIG(R) companies were founded by the Merage family after the sale of their frozen food business, Chef America, inventor of Hot Pockets, to Nestle in 2002. The MIG(R) companies collectively currently manage over $1BN in assets. The Master Fund has over $180M of long-term principal capital which enables the investment team to employ a long-term, fundamentally-driven strategy in an increasingly short-term focused market.