Mizuho Alternative

Investments, LLC (Crystal Gl. Fund)

Fund Investment Objectives

The CRYSTAL GLOBAL FUND was launched in July 2010 and is a part of the Crystal Diversified Program, MAI's flagship CTA strategy (launched in 1998). The Fund's objective is to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns with low or negative correlation to traditional and alternative investments. The fund strives to achieve strong results particularly during difficult periods for equity markets and most hedge fund strategies, thus serving as an effective diversifier for multi-manager portfolios. The Crystal Global Fund employs a fully systematic proprietary investment strategy to invest in more than 70 financial and commodity futures markets. The fund's key competitive advantage lies in its robustness and focus on multi-dimensional diversification: - Style: intermediate and tactical trend following, short-term, and fundamental factors-based strategies - Time-frame: intermediate and short-term - Sectors: Rates, Bonds, Equity, Currencies, Agriculture, Metals and Energy Portfolio risk is controlled continuously and dynamically at various levels employing a proprietary risk management technique designed to maintain a balance among different market sectors and different investment strategies, thus keeping the program within its expected volatility parameters. Assets reported for the Cyrstal Global Fund represent total strategyassets traded the the Crystal Diversified Program.