Moneda Absolute Return Fund


Fund Investment Objectives

The Fund seeks to generate superior risk-adjusted returns with capital protection through a multi-strategy approach with a Latin American and the Caribbean focus. Strategies include: equity long-short, credit and distressed investing. The Fund makes use of the equity as well as public and private debt markets, looking for investments that are unrelated to the general movements of the broad indexes. The Fund utilizes a mixture of event-driven, relative value and credit-based strategies to invest in small to mid-cap companies, using fundamental analysis with a bottom-up approach to determine the attractiveness of investment opportunities, emphasizing the primacy of the company in their analysis. The event-driven strategy concentrates on situations where the Investment Manager perceives that there is significant value to be unlocked by a particular event or catalyst. Merger arbitrage, distressed securities, capital structure arbitrage or pre-IPO strategies will be used to unlock this value, depending on the circumstances of the company. The credit based strategy involves lending opportunities in the public and private markets, generally to medium size corporations. The relative value strategy looks to use differences in stock price and securities issued by firms in the same sector or those looking to alter their capital structure.